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Discover the perfect curtains in Abu Dhabi to enhance your home or workspace at Andona Interiors. With our wide range of high-quality options and personalized solutions, we’ll help you transform your space with a touch of sophistication. Explore our curated collection of curtains today.

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Curtains by Andona

No matter your preference, our curtain shop in Abu Dhabi ensures that you’ll find curtains that meet your needs and elevate the aesthetics of your home or office. Visit our showroom today or contact us for a free home consultation at your doorstep to explore our extensive collection and let our experienced team assist you in selecting the perfect curtains for your space.

American Curtains

They are the best quality materials that are designed in a stylish manner, with beautiful series of colors that can be chosen, giving a classy and elegant look to the room. They have got fabulous pleats and simply look gorgeously outstanding across the wall of your room. These curtains can be used at your home, office, and any apartment. The measurements are taken as per demand.


Looking for a dark and cool atmosphere, these curtains can definitely help you. Blackout curtains are useful for blocking sunlight and can help to keep the interior of your home cooler during hot summer days. These curtains are not only classy but also can provide you safety from direct heat, helping for good sleep by keeping your rooms dark and cooler

Motorized Curtains

Adding a touch of luxury to your living, we bring you Motorized curtains that can be used easily, to part or shift to whichever side, and allow the light to enter your room as well as enjoy the view outside. These are motorized and all you have to do is just press one button, it works by itself. They aren’t the normal curtains, but an upgraded version which, doesn’t require you to go near to it to adjust them open or close. You can do it all from a distance and gets done in seconds.


A series of prints, patterns, shapes, pictures, and designs that are either repeated or unique. We have set up a wide collection of Decorative curtains just for you. These curtains are the best to make your room a masterpiece. We have blended colour and plain colors with all the necessary detailing to make them look trendy, remarkable, and outstanding. They come as a middle parting or one large piece moving to the right or left. We can easily customize the length and width just the way you want them.

Office Curtains

They are window treatments specifically designed for use in office spaces. Office curtains offer practical benefits alongside their aesthetic appeal, helping to create a productive and comfortable working environment. By selecting the appropriate office curtains that meet the specific needs of the space, businesses can enhance privacy, control lighting conditions, reduce noise, and add a touch of style to their office interiors.

Home Curtains

When selecting home curtains, it is important to consider factors such as the desired level of privacy, the amount of natural light desired, the room’s functionality, and the overall interior design scheme. By choosing curtains that align with these considerations, homeowners can create a cozy, stylish, and comfortable environment within their homes.

How We Work

Collaboration and Consultation

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, goals, and specific requirements.

Project Management
We create comprehensive schedules and milestones to ensure the timely completion of each project.
Quality Assurance
We maintain stringent quality control measures throughout the entire process to ensure adherence to design specifications.
Post-Project Support
Our commitment extends beyond project completion, as we offer post-project support, including warranty coverage and responsive customer service, ensuring a positive and lasting partnership with our valued clients.

Why Choose Us

Stunning Curtain Designs

At our curtain shop in Abu Dhabi, we offer an extensive selection of curtains, ranging from classic to contemporary designs, to cater to your unique preferences and requirements. Our team of designers will guide you through the process, helping you choose the perfect curtains that effortlessly blend with your existing décor or create a striking focal point.

Quality Craftsmanship and Best Fabrics

Our curtains are crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. From silk to durable linen and light-filtering sheers, our collection features a wide array of excellent fabrics in various colors, patterns, and textures. Whether you desire privacy, light control, or a combination of both, our curtains are designed to meet your specific needs.

Customization for a Personalized Touch

If you’re searching for unique curtains that reflect your individual style, our customization options are the perfect choice. Our team can tailor curtains to your specifications, offering a bespoke solution that transforms your space and reflects your unique taste. From selecting the fabric and pattern to choosing the perfect accessories, our experts will assist you in creating curtains that are one-of-a-kind.

Curtain Installation Services

To ensure a seamless experience from start to finish, we offer professional installation services for your curtains. Our skilled technicians will visit your premises at a time convenient for you and install your curtains with precision and care. With our attention to detail, you can trust that your curtains will be flawlessly hung, draping beautifully, and adding a finishing touch to your interiors.

Customer Reviews

They helped me choose and install curtains within just 2 days, service was great and quality was also lovely! I highly recommend :)! Very happy with the results.
Dorna Ziya

I used them to supply and fit curtains in my newly rented apartment. Shafeeq was very responsive and professional all the time. He priced the job very reasonably and was ready in 4 days to fit the curtains. His fitting team did brilliant job in no time and they were clean and very polite. I really highly recommend them.

Dr. Maher Hadaki

Very happy with the quality and service of ANDONA Interiors with a fair price. The team with Mr. Saleem came and installed plus post installed the curtains. I would recommend them anytime.
Nigel Narara

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